Sports – perform better

As well as helping with sports injuries, we advise on injury prevention, and strength and conditioning.

Why is this important?

We helped a teenage channel swimmer recently with low back pain, not only to stretch where it mattered, but to improve her strength in the right way. She noted that not only did her pain go away, but also her swimming improved – she got faster and was less tired.

People often don’t realise the importance of strength, just emphasising ‘cardio’. I often treat people who are fit, but get injured because their muscles aren’t strong enough, from children to adults.

We helped some national level youth tennis players recently, who did strength training but overdid it! We helped them recover from their muscle strains, and build up strength more gradually.

People often think when their pain has gone away that they are fully recovered. We recently helped an adult hockey player and teenage rugby player with hamstring injuries. After resting and noting the pain had disappeared, they returned to sport, only to get injured again in the first game. We helped them recover from their muscle strains, and build up strength with a variety of exercises, from bodyweight to weights to plyometrics, so they could return to sport fully fit (and actually in better condition than before their injury).

Whether you are at primary or secondary school or adult, we can help.

Whether you play informally or play at club level or in a league, dance or play sport, we can help.

Don’t wait and let injuries drag on. Call us today for an appointment – we are open Sunday to Friday and usually have some availability most days.

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