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The Green Clinic provides outstanding physiotherapy and allied services to improve your body and health, helping you to get back to strength and beyond.

At The Green Clinic we know how your body works.

With a rare combination of outstanding medical knowledge, exceptional physiotherapy expertise and deft massage skills, we’ll not only get your body back to health, but go beyond this to surpass your pre-condition level of fitness, so you’ll be less susceptible to a repeat occurrence.

Both adults and children can benefit from our physiotherapy expertise that successfully treats and prevents conditions that might otherwise inhibit you and your family from enjoying life to the full.

Our practice is one of Total Care© And so to be truly effective in accelerating your recovery, we identify and direct treatment to the cause and not just the symptoms.

And as proponents of lifelong physiotherapy management we can provide sustained relief from long-term pain too.

Whether your goal is to get back to your usual activities following surgery, back on the playing field, or simply back to strength, The Green Clinic has the experience and expertise to design and deliver truly holistic and effective rehabilitation and preventative programmes.

With clinics in Edgware and Shenley we provide expert physiotherapy to patients in the locality and surrounding areas, including Stanmore, Mill Hill, Radlett, Elstree, Borehamwood and St Albans.

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At The Green Clinic we use a range of physiotherapy treatments according to your needs.

Western Medical Acupuncture

We use very fine needles, usually 0.25mm thin, to treat pain. It can be very effective for muscle or joint pain, anywhere in the body.

Manual Therapy

This uses hands-on techniques to assist stiff or painful joints to move better, so reducing pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

This uses relatively firm hands-on techniques to move and stretch muscles to enhance muscle and joint flexibility.


This is a system of slow exercises to enhance strength of the core – the deep muscles of the abdomen and back.

Personal Training

Whatever your level of fitness and whatever your goal, we can help. We offer 1-to-1 training as well as creating programmes that you can carry out at home or at the gym.


A kettlebell is like a cannon-ball with a handle. The exercises are very different to dumbbell exercises in that they are dynamic, done very quickly to increase the heart-rate as well as building strength.










We are Chartered Physiotherapists. By exercising our clinical judgement we evaluate, apply and review our treatment throughout your sessions.

And our Continuous Professional Development ensures that our knowledge and skills are up to date, so our interpretation of your health status is always expertly informed.

The Green Clinic was established in 2008 and now operates from clinics in Edgware and Shenley, serving patients in the locality and in all surrounding areas.

Your team is led by Stephen Parkus.


Physiotherapy 100%
Massage 100%
Personal Training 100%
Pilates 100%


"Thank you for treating my frozen shoulder. I had been to other physiotherapists, who made it worse. After coming to The Green Clinic I now have full movement back again and no more pain."
"I have been seeing Stephen for over a year due to various problems and he is absolutely fantastic. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him. He is enthusiastic in his work and caters to people's individual needs."